Winter Green Couch Grass

This fine leaf, deep green in colour Couch can grow in a range of different soil conditions.

Being a warm season grass, it thrives in full sun. Once established, it has good resistance to weeds, is drought tolerant and able to repair itself quickly.

Wintergreen Couch has a low tolerance to shade and cold areas. This variety will not grow in the mountains.

It is suitable for large open areas such as Golf Courses and Bowling Greens.

Texture: Medium to fine.

Description: Regarded as a semi-dwarf variety which can be managed at low mowing heights. Dark green. Leaf width 2.0-2.8 mm, long leaves (averaging 75 mm) Stolons average 1 mm thick, with rhizomes 1.2 mm thick. Shoot emergence angle is 19° from the horizontal. High shoot density and horizontal growth habit gives a flat, firm and dense surface. Rapid lateral extension growth.

Use: Lawns (residential/commercial/industrial), streetscapes, sports grounds, golf fairways, parkland and soil stabilisation. Has been mown low (particularly in New South Wales, Australia) for use on tennis courts and cricket wickets.

Mowing height: May be mown with a rotary mower, but performs best when a cylinder mower is used. Inclined to form a heavy thatch layer. May scalp if not regularly mowed.

Lawn use: Summer: 10-12 mm; winter: 15-18 mm; bowling and golf greens 5 mm.

Method of propagation: Vegetative rolls, sprigging of stolons.

Preferred soil types: Best on sandy loams, pH 5.0 to 7.5 preferred.

Comments: Medium maintenance, with only moderate inputs of water, fertiliser and mowing needed for an acceptable surface. Can produce high levels of seed heads under low fertility conditions. Seed head production is low when well fertilised. Seed heads produce no pollen, making it a suitable grass for asthmatics. With repeated multiplication.

Heat: Excellent. Preferred temperature range is 20-35°C.

Cold: Winter colour poor. Enters an early winter dormancy, but holds colour in warmer climates. Browns under frosty conditions.

Shade: Poor. Requires full sun.

Drought: Moderate to high drought tolerance. Develops a deep fibrous root system. Recovers rapidly after water deprivation.

Salinity: Medium salinity tolerance.

Wear: Moderate to high wear tolerance. Forms a hard wearing surface. Repairs rapidly.

Herbicide sensitivity: Tolerant of a broad range of herbicides registered for couch, aiding weed management.

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