Sir Walter Buffalo Turf

Sir Walter Buffalo is the Premium Choice in turf for the Australian lifestyle and climate. Developed in Australia, it is more suited to our environment and harsh climate.

Sir Walter Buffalo requires no special skill or knowledge. Once established, Sir Walter is low maintenance, requiring less watering and mowing. Dense low thatch ensures easier management.

Sir Walter Buffalo performs well in both sun and shade locations, making it the perfect choice for the average homemaker. Its performance underneath trees is outstanding and can survive with only a few hours of sun each day.

Its low allergy and soft surface makes it ideal for children to play on and the strong blade means it can handle wear and tear from pets. Sir Walters’s fast growth means it self repairs like no other turf, leaving less work and more enjoyment.

Sir Walter Buffalo is less chemical dependent because it resists comman fungal diseases and insect pest, making Sir Walter Buffalo more environmentally friendly than other turf varieties. Sir Walter also has a low fertiliser requirement.

Sir Walters’s lush emerald green colour has the ability to maintain its colour through the widest range of adverse conditions. Sir Walter is drought, heat, salt, cold and shade tolerant.

Sir Walter Buffalo will suit a wide range of applications from the Household lawn to Commercial Landscapes.

Texture: Soft broad leaf

Description: Mid-green leaves (blade and sheath), red-purple stolons. Leaf width 6.5-9 mm, Rapid lateral stolon growth. The internodes are medium-long and shoots develop from the nodes.

Use: Lawns (residential/commercial/industrial), parkland

Mowing height: Summer: 30-50 mm. Winter or shaded conditions: 40-55 mm

Method of propagation: Vegetative rolls, sprigging of stolons

Preferred soil types:

Best on sandy loams, pH 5.2 to 7.5 preferred. Tolerance range pH 4.6 to 8.1. Not tolerant of water logging.

Comments: Vigorous in subtropical and tropical areas, requiring weekly mowing to avoid scalping. Soft leaf texture.

Heat: Excellent, in high and low humidity areas, but grows best at moderate temperatures between 20°C and 30°C.

Cold: Good. Survives normal frosts under Australian conditions. Selected for winter colour retention, does not purple or become straw-coloured at lower temperatures.

Shade: Can withstand shading under trees. Requires 30-100% sunlight.

Drought: Medium plus. Deep root system and less leaf water loss compared to some other soft-leaf buffalo grasses.

Salinity: Medium salinity tolerance compared with the range of available warm season turf grass cultivars.

Wear: Medium. Not recommended for high traffic areas. Better wear tolerance than sweet smother, kikuyu and winter green couch in 50% shade. Regrows quickly, but needs a recovery time to repair damage.

Herbicide sensitivity: Sensitive to many of the herbicides. Use only registered herbicides in accordance with the label that are safe for soft leaf buffalo grass. Avoid herbicides containing Dicamba.

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