AgriDark Couch Grass

AgriDark is relatively new to the Australian market. A fine leaf couch variety, it is quickly becoming known within the industry as a high performance sports turf. Due to its unique characteristics such as texture, rich colour, rapid establishment capabilities and its extremely strong self repair qualities, AgriDark is amongst the premium commercial couch varieties. AgriDark is becoming increasingly popular in residential areas as well, making it a great choice over many different applications.

AgriDark establishes quickly, with minimal watering requirements, making it perfect for sports fields as it is not slippery as other varieties and less loss of traction in wet conditions. AgriDark establishes quickly, with minimal watering requirements, making it perfect for sports fields as it is not slippery as other varieties. AgriDark has a dense leaf matrix and compact rhizomes, making it feel ‘spongy’ underfoot. Its density is also the reason that weed control requirements are minimal. Its resistance to weeds and disease is excellent, however if some infestation should occur, AgriDark responds well to pesticides and problems are easily managed and eradicated.

AgriDark performs best if dethatched once a year, to allow the thatch to regenerate.
“AgriDark couch grass is the preferred couch for us at the ANZ Stadium; in my opinion it has outperformed all the other couch we have used. We trialled AgriDark at the stadium for several years before installing it as our preferred couch on both our playing surface and at our turf nurseries. It has ticked all the boxes for us in terms of its ability to i) provide a high quality playing surface in a multi-use venue and for a variety of sports, and ii) its ability to recover from high use as well as other events such as concerts.
AgriDark is a turf grass I would highly recommend for any natural grass sports surface.”

– Graeme Logan, Stadium Curator – ANZ Stadium


  • Fabulous year round dark green colour
  • Soft & fine width leaves
  • A very dense spongy feel under foot
  • Even & fast vertical growth
  • Low seed head production making it highly suitable for cylinder mowing
  • Compact rhizomes beneath the surface keeps the field surface tight & secure
  • Low leaf water content, meaning less loss of traction in the wet (ideal for sports field surfaces)
  • Superior colour retention through cooler months
  • Good drought tolerance


  • Does require more regular mowing due to its rapid growth rate
  • Performs best if kept at 20 – 35mm height
  • Excellent disease, pest and weed resistance
  • Due to the high drought tolerance, AgriDark requires little watering


  • Excellent wear resistance, however if worn out will recover quickly
  • Reasonably low water requirement compared to other high performance sports grasses
  • Good drought tolerance, however if left to turn brown in the winter it will recover after a decent watering or rain event

Texture: Fine, soft leaf

Use: Sporting grounds, parks, residential

Method of propagation: Vegetative rolls and sprigging

Heat: Excellent heat tolerance

Cold: Good colour retention

Drought: Highly drought resistant

Salinity: Good salt tolerance

Wear: Excellent wear resistance, but if does become worn, recovers quickly.

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