How do I prepare my soil?

How do I prepare my soil?

Start by spraying area to kill off weeds and existing grass. Use either roundup or something similar. Follow instructions according to the label. Leave about 7-14 days to effectively kill vegetation.

Clean area by removing dead grass, sticks and stones. Then fertilise with gypsum, lime and organic fertiliser. Afterwards, you will need to either rotary hoe or mix into the soil.

Level and rake soil to get a nice and even surface. The soil should level approximately 15-20mm below path edges – this allows for turf to sit neatly in place.

How much turf do I need?

How much turf do I need?

Multiply the length and width of the area. This will give you how much you need in square metres. If there are more than one areas, add them together.

For example:
Front yard 8m long x 10m wide = 80m²
Back yard 10m long x 6m wide = 60m²
Side 10m long x 2m wide = 20m²
Total Area = 160m²
How do I lay my new turf?

How do I lay my new turf?

Start with a straight edge e.g. a driveway or fence. Roll turf out along the edges. Make sure no gaps are left between turf rolls.

Use a large knife or garden scissors to trim around trees, garden edges and overlaps.

REMEMBER: Take care!

How often should I water my lawn?

How often should I water my lawn?

The first watering is most important. Make sure the water has seeped through the newly laid turf and has moistened the soil.

For the following 10-14 days, water on a daily basis. Either early morning or late afternoon is best.

LAfter the first two weeks, you can start to reduce your watering schedule to 2-3 days a week.

By around the 4th-6th week, watering can be done once a week. Make sure that you water deeply to encourage deep root formation.

How often should I mow my lawn?

How often should I mow my lawn?

You can start to mow when it has begun to establish its root system and cannot be lifted from the soil. This will vary according to season and turf variety.

Only mow a third off the height of the lawn at any single mowing. Do not mow the lawn too short, this will put the turf under stress.


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