Prestige Buffalo

Prestige® is the “darkest green” of Buffalo’s and has been bred exclusively to suit residential civic spaces. It stays more attractive than competitor Buffalo varieties for longer including during cooler temperatures.

Prestige® tends to be more ground-hugging than other commercial Buffalo varieties, and has very little seed head production, which greatly reduces mowing schedules particularly in public spaces. It also meets the Erosion Control Australian Standard No# AS5181: 2017 – Use and installation of turf as an erosion, nutrient and sediment control measure.

  • Manicured appearance is excellent for high-end consumer use.
  • Dark leaf colour attractive to lawn enthusiasts.
  •  Fast runner/stolon growth for a quick recovery rate from wear and damage.
  • Dark leaf colour – attractive for longer in winter.


Purpose: All-purpose turf suitable for domestic and developers wanting a dark leaf, quick-recovering, long-lasting colour and high-end turf product.
Establishment: Can be established year-round except in cold climates where it is below freezing.
Mowing: Requires regular mowing to maintain good colour but lower than other Buffalos due to low seed head production (about three times per month).
Maximum Unmown Height:  100-150mm.
Maintenance: Medium to high.
Recommended Mowing Height: 25-50mm full sun. 50-70mm in shade.
Water Requirements: Required for establishment: 1-14 days (4mm twice a day), 15-28 days (7.5mm once per day), 29-35 days (7.5mm every 2nd day). Then twice weekly to maintain good colour.
Colour: Excellent winter colour. Holds winter colour longer than other commercial Buffalo varieties.

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