Empire Zoysia Grass

A medium leaf grass which is soft to touch and has an excellent wear tolerance. Its performance is between Couch and Buffalo grasses. Empire can tolerate more shade than the Couch varieties, but not as much as the Buffalo varieties.

Once established, its fast growth provides quick recovery from hard wearing and out competes weeds. It’s also very water efficient and requires less mowing than other commercially grown lawns.

While Empire thrives in heat and humidity, this variety can handle a moderate amount of shade, and performs well in both sandy and clay soil types, making Empire Zoysia and ideal choice for commercial jobs.

Texture: Medium to coarse.

Description: The mid-green leaf blade is flat and stiff, averaging 75.6 mm in length and 3.4 mm in width. The stolons are reddish purple when exposed to sunlight. Stolons have a mean internode length of 29.9 mm between the second and third nodes and a mean width of 1.0 mm.

Use: Home lawns, golf courses (fairways and roughs), industrial estates.

Mowing height: Tolerant of low mowing (limit 6-8 mm). Fairways and sportsfields: 10-20 mm with a reel mower. Home lawns: 50 mm with a rotary mower.

Method of propagation: Vegetative, sod or sprigs.

Preferred soil types: Needs a well drained soil. Prefers pH 6-7 but tolerates a wider range.

Heat: Good heat tolerance.

Comments: Low maintenance, forms a medium to high density lawn. Intermediate establishment rate (many zoysias are slow to establish).Unlikely to produce seedlings and become contaminated. Produces few seed heads.Rapid production cycle for a zoysia: 6-8 months. Moderate thatching (although generally very good).

Cold: Selected for improved cold tolerance. Moderate colour retention through winter. Initiates early spring growth.

Shade: Good to excellent, suitable species for moderately shaded areas.

Drought: Selected for low water use requirements. Prolonged colour retention, persistent cover and resistance to weed invasion under dry conditions.

Salinity: Moderate salinity tolerance. Can be irrigated with water of marginal quality.

Wear: Resistant to wear, but slow to recover if damage occurs.

Herbicide sensitivity: Tolerant of a broad range of common turf herbicides.

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