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Sapphire Buffalo

Sapphire Buffalo

Sapphire Buffalo has a super fine texture compared to other buffalo varieties.

Deep green in colour, Sapphire Buffalo thrives in humid conditions but can handle the cooler temperatures as well. Sapphire Buffalo is also good in both sun and shade locations.

Sapphire Buffalo's rapid growth across the ground gives quick recovery from wear and tear, making it a good choice for kids and pets. Its tight matting of the root system helps to outcompete weeds once established.

Sapphire Buffalo is low maintenance and maintains good winter colour, ideal for residential and commercial lawns.

Sapphire Buffalo

Texture: Soft, fine leaf

Description: Dark green in colour, leaf width average of 6.4mm

Use: Lawns (residential/commercial/industrial), parkland

Mowing height: 35mm-45mm in full sun, 50mm-60mm in shade

Method of propagation: Vegetative rolls and sprigging of stolons

Preferred soil types:

Best on sandy loams, pH 5.2 to 7.5 preferred. Tolerance range pH 4.6 to 8.1. Not tolerant of water logging.

Comments: Low maintenance, less spongy than other buffalo varieties

Heat: Thrives in hot/humid desert areas

Cold: Tested down to minus 10C in Canberra.

Shade: Moderate to good, similar to other buffalo varieties.

Drought: Excellent once established due to deep root system.

Salinity: Good, similar to other buffalo varieties.

Wear: Excellent with fast recovery.

Herbicide sensitivity: Sensitive to many herbicides. Use only registered herbicides in accordance with label that are safe on soft leaf buffalo. Avoid chemicals containing Dicamba.

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